Dear friends and colleagues,

Here at Blue Forest, we entered 2018 eager to turn our years of researching and relationship building into action - and were thrilled to fund and launch our first pilot project this November in the Yuba watershed of the Tahoe National Forest. This makes our second annual Impact Report more substantive - beyond sharing our firm’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, we get to report on the progress made not only on our vision - but on the ground in the forest.

As we continue our pilot project and prepare future projects to deliver long-term environmental impact, we recognize the importance of tracking our business to strategically assess performance and adjust to ever-shifting realities. With that in mind, we continued Blue Forest Conservation’s status as an Oregon Benefit Corporation, and created non-profit Blue Forest Finance (BFF) in 2018. A strategic decision, BFF will allow for tax-exempt status on the funds flowing through our projects, setting us up for long term financial sustainability while protecting our mission of “fighting fire with finance” for the future.

By publishing the results of our financial and impact performance across the business in these annual reports, we seek not only to measure our results, but to identify opportunities for improving our business - and the conservation ecosystem as a whole. We are pleased to share this report with you, and invite you into the story and life of both our company and the larger conservation mission; we would be honored to hear your thoughts and feedback, welcome connections to meet others in the space, and encourage you to do your part - whatever that may be - to ensure a brighter, more sustainable future.